Low Level Laser Therapy Device

Reduce High Blood Lipid, Care High Blood Pressure, Prevent Cardiovascular & Cerebrovascular Diseases, Cure Allergic Rhinitis

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Laser Therapy Device emits 650nm Low level Laser to care High Blood Lipid via reducing high cholesterol/triglyceride, lowering density lipoprotein. And it has remarkable effect on High Blood Pressure, Cardiovascular & Cerebrovascular diseases and Allergic Rhinitis.


1, Portable design as a watch, care health anywhere

2, No side-effect, Non-invasive

3, 6 Pieces Laser Lenses emit the right Laser Power

4, Perfect control system supply personalized therapy

Mechanism Diagram:

Basic and clinical research indicate that 650nm Low-Level-Laser can activate enzymes in blood, especially red cell membrane NA+-K-ATP enzyme; increase SOD (superoxidase dismutase), which can decompose over-lipid in blood, thus reduce blood lipid; aggregation of red cell and platelet decrease which lead to improvement of blood viscosity and hemorreological properties; improve blood circulation, especially micro-circulation; reduce amyloid β protein; clear oxygen free radicals and over-oxide; increase β endorphin level in red cell, also improve blood vessel convulsion; enhance deformability of red cell.

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