Diagnostic System

Integrated Diagnostic System
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    Sphygmomanometer Aneroid, Ophthalmoscope, Infrared Ear Thermometer, Electronic Thermometer, Storage cage, Power Supply Hang on the wall.


    Ophthalmoscope                                                       Otoscope    

    Lightweight and easy to use                                     Fibre optic pure white light designed to maximum

    28 different dioptre lens ranging from -25D              knob structed view through speculum

    to 40D Micro diaphragm, Small diaphragm,              Minimum non reflective light designed to give

    Large diaphragm, Graticule, Cobalt blue,                  maximum illumination of the Area being focused on

    Stenopaic slit                                                          Disposable speculum 2.7mm; 4.2mm 

    Cross-linear polarizer/red free/light filter                  Conducted tympanic membrane test through inbuilt

                                                                                  pneumatic valve


    Infrared Ear Thermometer                   Sphygmomanometer Aneroid

    No mercury, passive infrared receiver,                     Environmental friendly with no mercury

    without radiation, Large LCD Screen                         Double scale for the dial plate 

    Measurement: put into the ear, and get                   The dial plate with the diameter of 15cm, which can

    accurately measure                                                 show the blood pressure; also is adjustable so that

    Measurement time: 2 ses ± 1 ses                             we can test the blood pressure from different



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