Jaundice Meter

Transcutaneous Jaundice Meter, Billirubinmeter
  • Function Features:

    • A high-tech product by the use of the advanced optical fiber and photoelectric data processing technologies

    • Detected quickly without any pain to the body

    • Examined quicily without any pollution to be generated in use

    • Highly bright LED in three digits to display

    • The value of transcutaneous jaundice can be measured out instantly at the unit of mg/dl

    • Elegant in appearance, small in volume, easy and safe for operation

    Technical Data

    • The measurement mode: light reflection

    • The display of measured result: display of data with LED in three digits

    • The measurement error:00.0 ---20.0±1.0 allowable error: ±1.0

    • The light source: xenon flash lamp

    • The electric power: 600mAH and DC4.8V rechargeable

    • The time ready for the instrument to start up: shorter than 5 seconds, after the "READY" lamp has been on

    • The outer dimension: 165x65x40mm

    • The charger: input AC 220V at 50 Hz; output DC8V and 100mA (no-load)

    • The check board : White color screen 00.0+1.0 and yellow screen 20.0±1.0

    Operate Environment

    • Environment Temperature: 5℃~ +40℃

    • Environment Relative Humidity: ≤80%


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