Transport Freezer

-20℃~30℃ Medical Freezer - Mobile Cooler
  • Purpose

    To store and transport blood, serum, plasma, vaccine, reagents and special medicines in Medical industry. Also used as medicines pass box for epidemic prevention station, blood bank, health center, CDC, animal husbandry bureau, army and logistics service, express company, pharmaceutical factory, genetic engineering.

    User Friendly Design

    • The whole roll structure prevents collision damage.

    • Multilayer stacking.

    Security Guarantee

    • Functional alarm system with audible and visible

    • Remote control

    • Constantly alarm after power off

    • Keyboard lockable


    • Multiple voltage used as AC220V or DC12V/24V (Only for blood transporation) power supply of cigarette lighter

    • Whole roll PE structure

    • Combined with forced air cooling system and direct cooling system

    • Multi-function: 3 ranges of inner termperature:

                                     2℃~8℃ used as pharmacy refrigerator

                                     -10℃~ -25℃ used as deep freezer

                                    22±2℃ used as incubator


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