Spinal Decompression System

Alien Capsule cervical and lumbar spine Non-surgical Spinal Decompression System
  • Product Description:

    Zhengzhou Feilong Medical Equipment Co., Ltd Non-sugical spinal decompression is a non-invasive treatment thathas been found to provide relief of back and neck pain and symptoms associated with herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, posterior facet syndrome and sciatica.

    Alien Capsule Non-surgical spinal decompression system can accurately position the force on the diseased spine, eliminate the ambient muscular resistance, open the intervertebral space to keep constant high negative pressure for penetrating the moisture, oxygen and nutrients, eliminate the pain after several times physiological nourishment the curing rate is more than 86%

    Core Patented Technologies:

    • Non-linear logarithmic traction

    • Lesion localization technology

    • High-precision sensors and feedback systems

    • Drift bed and emergency braking device

    Product Parameters:


    220V±22V   50Hz±1Hz

    Rated Input Power


    Environment Temperature


    Arm Supporter

    Diameter:60mm±10mm Height:310mm±20mm

    Size of Control Cabinet

    Length:670mm±20mm Width:838mm±20mm Height:1908mm±50mm

    Size of Bed

    Length:2300mm±20mm Width:850 mm±20mm  Height:1230±50mm

    Traction Range


    Horizontal Separation Range of Upper and Lower Beds


    Bed Horizontal Displacement of Range


    Bed Tuming Angle

    0~68° within 60 seconds. Deviation: ±2°

    Upper Support Arm Adjustment Range

    Horizontal 0-245mm, Vertical 0-150mm

    Adjustable Angle

    6 Grades: 25°, 23°, 15°, 10°, 0°

    Patiebts Record Data System


    UPS Power

    Online charge, frequency: 50-60Hz, Voltage: 220V, power: 2KVA 

    Power-on time not less than 10 minutes after power loss

    Computer Hardware Configuration

    2.4GHZ or above Pentium 4 processor, internal memory: 512M or above, 

    hard disk: 20GB for above


    Product Parameters 


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